18 March 2008

Chef in Making!

The other day I was making some vegetable and Aryan comes to me and asks me to pick him up. He watches me add chilli power , Coriander powder and Turmeric. But , no salt. He suddenly points at the salt container and tells me that I missed salt. I told him that I have added salt just before he came. And he was pacified. So does this means he knows that whatever salt is an essential ?
Day before yesterday , it was a similar situation when I was making tea. And this time , he tells me to add sugar.
I was too amazed to say a word !


  1. I guess since he is accompanying you everyday in the kitchen he has picture memorised the stuff that you add in a dish. Its actually very very smart of him! He sure is one intelligent boy!

    Touch wood!

  2. Children are very observant, Swati. More than we imagine. Much, much more than we think. I'll be writing about something little Bubbu did that really had us stunned.

    Came to tag your little guy, but have just seen that he has already done the crazy 8 tag.

    A chef indeed! Hmmm, the woman who marries him will be a lucky girl, what ;)?

  3. Ah! Mom's little helper .... so cute!

  4. Wow...thats so sweet...he is your little helper

    see you

  5. cute little budding chef!!! It is just amazing how they notice these little things :)

  6. Very observant! But cute too! :)

  7. ahh..little clever boy. Both the Aryans can start a cooking business..because when I make tea, Aryan gives me the tea filter..Thus Chubby aryan can be master cook and his friend can be the assitant..HAHAA
    Aryan's Mom

  8. hey swati :)
    sharp little thing, aryan is huh? :)

  9. Just stopped by to say hello to you.

    Howz Aryan doing??

    see you later

  10. wow! what a smart boy he is! So observant!

  11. Thank you everyone ..I will pray that he becomes a master of whatever he wants :)

    Mummy Jaan : Thats true ..lucky girl she must be ;-)

    AM : I like the idea

  12. wow!!!! :)

    cant say anything more!!