9 May 2008

What a brat!

Aryan is quite a rebel these days :
- Ask him to bath on any day from Monday to Friday and he throws a BIG tantrum.
- Ask him to finish his bath(he wants to bath for hours) on Saturday and Sunday and he throws a BIG tantrum
- Ask him to open his mouth for brushing on any day and he seals it tighter.
- Ask him to sleep and switch off the lights and he cries like hell.
- Ask him to not to do anything and he bites or hits.
- Ask him to wear a diaper and he runs away giggling.
- Ask him to sit on high chair for food and he wants to jump after 2 bites.
- Ask him not to climb stairs and he will.
Cannot wait for the Terrible TWO!!!!


  1. My Goodness! This could have been Rishab a year ago. Really. Each and every point. As for brushing teeth there are two things: one, be persistent. The teeth have to be brushed, crying or happily. Another try to find a way which would make him want to. Does he have a pet soft toy or comic chracter? Let it brush Aryan's teeth. Or brusdh the theeth of the sof toy and them that of the toy. I just have to copy or just change my voice and say some funny words, pretending to be this characher or toy and then once he is in a good mood, I start with it.
    This was quite successful in my case.
    I used to go crazy and start screaming at him during brushing times. But he just won't open his mouth, untill his grandma started brushing his teeth while driving a car in his mouth!

  2. i too am going through the same hard times these days.
    and you are tagged :-)

  3. Ahh....We are all in the same boat...Feel like when Aryan will start talking so that can understand what he says...

  4. will it help to try reverse psychology thingie??

    tho i doubt! kids are just too smart!! hehe!