5 May 2008

Passionate about Socks and Shoes !

It was a long pending post and I almost forgot about this. Aryan is very passionate about his footwear. This includes socks and shoes.

I have mentioned several times that Aryan was crazy about a black and white striped socks and would find them from any where and insist on wearing them even if they are wet or dirty. This continued till I threw them in dustbin as they were too small for him to wear. Those socks did embarras me a few times when Aryan wore them to near by supermarkets or in front of guests.People would have thought , can they not even buy a proper size socks for the baby.

Now the current favourite are a lavender socks with stripes. So when I want him to wear socks , show him the lavender one. BUT when I want him to wear socks AND shoes..DON'T SHOW him the lavender one is the rule!!

Next comes the shoes! Aryan had 3 pair of shoes until recently. One were the black whistling shoes that used to make noise when he walks. The other one were blue canvas casuals and the third one were a pair of formal shoes. Of the three the blue canvas one are his favourite. The whistling shoes were worn based on his wish. I mean he used to decide which shoes to wear when. And when you want to make him wear the formal ones ..HIDE the others.

Now that the whistling shoes do not fit him , I had to permanently hide them. The blue canvas ones are still a problem , since they will be small for him shortly.

I bought a colourful sandals for him recently , which he DID NOT LIKE AT ALL and REFUSED to try.

And so went hunting shoes for him this thursday. As it is I could not find any good options. And whatever I found, Aryan did not LIKE. HE REFUSED TO WEAR ANY NEW PAIR OF SHOES.

Then we reached a BATA shop and Aryan spots another pair of same blue canvas shoes and he is ready to wear them.

I did not want to buy same color same design and so we did not.God knows when will our guy like another pair of shoes , else he will be SHOE LESS once he out grows this one and I will have to throw them as well.

NOTE : Bangalore bloggers please let me know some good shops to buy kids shoes.


  1. If Mumma can be so particular about her shoes and bags, why can't betu be so too? :D

  2. Hi Swati,

    We went through this phase too :)) and the saga continues..

    Try Kittens in Garuda mall..they have some good stuff..u can also try Reebok..expensive..keep a watch for their sales..u will get good deals then

  3. Gosh!!! I bet he will enjoy reading these blogs when he grows older.

  4. haha!! :)

    so much choice already!! and if aryan doesnt mind same shoes, why is his mommy being a fashion victim??!! :P

    wonder why i have been missing your posts!!


  5. Ahh..he is really choosy..good..he should be like that..hehehehe

  6. there is one shop in Indiranagar CMH road - the first or second right from KFC (towards HDFC bank / Ulsor side) I have brought toys from there, and have seen dress dn stuff... check them out...
    there is one store in 80 ft road, near to swapna book stall (50-100 mtr from sapna book stall, towards Old madras road)
    I hv seen one next to ICICI bank @ cmh road too, but havnt checked them out...