3 June 2008

Fun at Anupam's Office

Anupam's company celebrated family day on last Saturday(They do it every year). Aryan was thrilled to see the stage. He wanted to shake a leg on the music and so I let him go on the stage , till they started the event.The event was nice and the theme was fims of 70's. I must say that they had put in lot of hardwork and money. The food and snacks were great as well.

After the cultural event started , Aryan got uneasy due to the loud music. And so we went upstairs to Anupam's desk. Aryan ran around the whole office , while I peeped into the balconies to see the dances.

There was a carnival as well in the basement.The theme was again the 70's. They had sugar cane juice , popcorns , Tatoos , Caricature , pottery , bouncy,Merry Go Round and SO MANY things there Aryan enjoyed the Merry Go Round.

We could not click to many pics as we were too busy enjoying :-P But you can have a glimpse :

"Shake a leg"

"My Car"

"Dadu Kind of Scooter"

"Pot Making"


"Run Fast"


"Mumma's Glares"

"Masti :-)"

"Playing with my NEWEST Friend"


  1. Looks like Aryan had a True Blast :-)

  2. awesome!!

    i just noticed Aryan looks SO MUCH like you!! :D

    many such happy times!!


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  4. Nice! BTW, cool re-design too!

  5. lovely pictures, Swati!

  6. Lovely pics! Looks like Aryan had a great time. And the new look is way too cool - ~nm taiji rocks! :)

  7. Lovely web-design. Makes it such a pleasure to read the blog!! This post was so exciting, nice to see such a well-organised family-day and Aryan making FULL use of it too. Thanks for visiting my blog. Appreciate the (limited) readership.

    I come here often too; just that between so many brilliant blogging mommies, its almost a month before I can round-robin through all the blogs :-)