14 January 2009

How he talks !

These days its lovely to see Aryan talking. Especially the way he asks questions is very very cute. I cannot do justice to how I feel since I cannot put the voice modulation and the expressions on his face in writing but he looks just so adorable.

And most of the times he asks questions as if he is Mumma or Papa and we are Aryan. For example , when we finish eating or drinking , he comes and asks , "Aur Chachiye ? Mumma Aur Chachiye ?".When we get ready in the morning , he asks, "Chale ? Paati paas Chale ?". When I wear a party wear he comes and exclaims "Mumma New Dress !". When he wears a good dress (outside wear kinds , not so old dress) he exclaims , "New Dress!" and go and admire his ownself in front of all the mirrors , and then comes and tells "Aryan Office!" or "Mumma Chalo , Chalein". When I cook something that he likes he tells me "Yummy!" and when he feeds me he asks me "Yummy?". When Anupam or I change the position of his toy car or engine , he gets offended and says "My This".

There is lot more but I just cannot recall, so let it be just this , before I forget :-)


  1. awww! its so cute when they start talking and making these little sentences!!



  2. adorable... kids are so cute when they start talking

  3. very cute! I know what you mean, better a few than none, that's what i say too. :)