21 April 2009


Tory is the new mantra in Aryan's household. And I figured it out, out of the blue.

I tried reading stories to Aryan several times when he was younger but it never worked. He was usually interested in picture reading only. He would just put his fingers on pics and ask "What is this?"

So I thought of just doing picture reading to him and avoided reading stories. But recently . one night he was hyperactive and I did not know how to calm him to sleep. And then I said , "Aryan chalo mumma story sunayegi". To my surprise he came running , saying "tory tory" and lied down by my side. And then I told him one story and then another and then another.

Its been a ritual since then. Every night he looks forward to my story telling session. And he doesnot want me to look away but to look in his eyes and tell stories with actions. So reading is ofcourse prohibitted.

He tries to immitate me and say the stories with me or ahead of me too :-)

Just for the record , I would mention the stories that work for us

1. Dog and his reflection (Dog tory)
2. Two cats and the monkey (cat tory)
3. The big Apple Tree (Parrot Tory)
4. Rabbit and Tortoise (Rabbit Tory)

In the process I have made up a few stories extempore also , coz he came up with wierd ideas , wanted me to tell stories about fan and light , About A , Paati and Aunty, etc.

Some of these stories go like this :

Fan and the light tory

Once there was a fan and a light in a ...(bathroom /bedroom/Aryan home..depends on what he wants). One day they started fighting.

FAn said , I am more important
Light said , I am more important

Then they decided to stop working for 1 hour each and see what happens.

So first fan stopped. Then Aryan started crying saying "bahut garmi hai"
So papa immediately got the fan fixed.

Then light stopped working. Then Aryan started crying , since it was dark.
So papa immediately got the light fixed.

So fan and light realized that they are eually important and everyone is equally important and became friends.

A and Paati and Aunty Tory

A went to Paati place but Aryan was not there , so A started feeling sad and lonely. Then Aunty told her to play with X,Y,Z etc. And they all started playing. So A felt happy and realized , More Friends means More Fun.


Some stories I made up too , to pass on some kind of message.

Like the mouse tory , where the mouse took away the teeth of a kid called Ansh coz Ansh did not brush.
So we should brush our teeth ..

"Brush your teeth , round and round"
"Brush your teeth , "Up and down"
"Brush your teeth , all around"

And the story of the kid who did not share his ball in the park and ended up bored while the other kid enjoyed playing with the ball with new friends.

Lets see how far we will go with this tory business , as of now its "troop ka ekka" for me !


  1. Thats gr8 Swati; u r now discovering a new talent in 'Tory' telling :P
    And each story here conveys a msg; loved the fan and light one. Very nice.

  2. totally neat & cute!! esp if this earned you best storyteller award from the master himself :)

  3. Whats up with "one more" story thing;-) No matter how many stories I tell them its always "just one more":-)

    I loved the light & fan story:-)

  4. So very cute.

    Reminds me I should also write down a few of the stories that I made up which I thought should be preserved.

  5. awesome!!!

    i can never do this! am maha boring tory teller! sigh!

    but good for aryan!! :)



  6. light fan story is super yaar...
    hugs to him