20 July 2009

On the Eve of your Birthday ..

One year to this day , I just look back how the year passed by, and thankfully I have this online directory ,
to remind me what we were doing this time of the day last year.

It just seems like a dream , another year in friction of seconds , how were were got excited each and every time you said something new , a word or a sentence !

Your cute role plays and your lovely way to express your love and make yourself more loved with every passing moment.

How you behaved mature and grown up when we least expected that from you , like when we moved to a new house.

And your cute naughty ways to make us laugh like this one and this one :-)

How you surprised us with your ability to grasp things without us trying hard not once but again and again.

And how you made friends that formed a part of your life , so much so that I kind of felt jealous:D

And last but not the least , how you manage to transition to another phase of your life , ofcourse we still have some sobbing in the morning , but its pretty cool ..isn't it !

I also admit that some work and some laziness , I failed to record so much. And I failed to record so much also because , my words cannot create the magic of your actions and because I cannot write things as cutely as you say them. But still I would try to do a recap of whats not on the blog over next few days :-)

Love you sweety !

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  1. Oh! Its the li'l one's birthday 2mrw? err is he little any more gng by what all u hv written abt :)

    Happy Bday to Aryan n wishes to u n Aryan's dad too Swati :)

  2. happy birthday to the little man :) god bless

  3. Aww.....u've done well . Happy birthday to Aryan again :)