1 February 2010

Favourite Songs

I have been wanting to post this for long but keep forgetting. A list of songs that Aryan loves to see on you tube !

Thande Thande Paani se
Lala Lala Lori

In both these songs he visualizes himself to be the kid and the man and woman as his dad and mom. He sometimes tries to enact the sequence. He sometimes runs to get and put a bindi for me. He sometimes asks me to wear sari tomorrow. He sometimes insist on me bathing with him and his dad. He sometimes wants to get into the laptop to play with that kid :-)

Chal Chal Chal Mere Haathi

This song started with lots of questions. Why is Aunty angry? Why is Uncle sitting on elephant ? Why is Aunty smiling ?
BUT yesterday , he held my hand , dragged me to the bedroom and sung "chal chal chal re mere HAATHI"

Haina Bolo Bolo

He remembers the full stanza of the song and sings it to us sometimes. Looks every cute !

Other favourite ones are

Lakdi ki Kathi - Now which kid doesnot like this one and yeah the you tube mania started from here only !
Bum Bum Bole - When the song starts , he hides behind me , saying I am scared of joker and as soon as joker turns into Uncle its fun !
Maine Kaha Phoolon se - He loves the dance here
Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Man jao - Reminds him of dadi
Sare ke Sare - Loves the little boy
Mera Raja Beta - Defined as Ninna wala song (sleep song)
Chanda hai Tu - Used to like it because I used to sing it to him when he was baby


  1. So cute.

    For Anirudh "Chanda hai tu.." is the "sone wala gaana" :D

  2. I would love to hear your chandha hai tu version yaar
    Aryan's mom

  3. Aww thatz so cute .. he will love reading this some time :)

    LOL @ what all he wants to do for Thande Thande Paani :)

  4. How cute!
    Most of the songs are lil p's fav too.. n she loves sar jo tera chakraye.. i can't apply oil to her hair without singing that song.. :)

  5. niice songs, all of em!!

    can imagine how cute it must be to hear him sing them!

  6. Cute! I was pleasantly surprised to see Haina Bolo Bolo. I thought my kids were weird to pick this one up :)

    The latest one is "Give me some sunshine.. give me some rain" or "all iz well.. chachi(yes chachi) all iz well.."

  7. ~nm ::)

    @Subha : that only Aryan can tolerate and not always ..sometimes he asks me to keep shut :P

  8. @Swaram :I am sure he wud :) And atleast I wud when he is 20 something :)

    Yes ..i thought I would not write the bathing bit but then its a journal after all ;-)

  9. @MM : Sir jo tera ..is again a lovely one :)

  10. @Abha : Thanks ..try them on cub :)

    @DDMOM : Why..thats just a cute song ..just that you need to leave the situation it was sung in the movie since thats not true in our scenario

  11. Wow...what a great choice of songs !!
    We have some of them on our list as well....