10 May 2010


Yesterday he was watching a cd on laptop , while I was sitting near by. So he slipped himself in my lap while he continued watching cd. So I asked :

"Aap mumma ki godi mein kyoooo baithe ho ?"

Aryan : Kyooki mujhe baithna haiiii"

Me : "Kyo baithna haiiiiii"

Aryan : "Kyoooki mujhe achaaaa lagta haiiiii"

Me : "Kyoo acha lagta haiiii"

Aryan "Kyoooooki mujhe mumma acha lagta haiiii"

The extra "i" and "o" are to indicate that the talk happened in quite a musical way :-)


  1. So cute.. now-a-days kids are so expressive na. I dont remember ever having said such things to my mom or dad!

  2. Thanks all !

    Yes priya I know what you mean but it is both ways ..I dont remember my mother telling me that she loves me explicitly..it was all assumed :)

  3. Recently started reading your blog. very sweet post.