25 February 2011

Sensitive ???

Is that the word for him ..I am not sure but sometimes he amazes me with what he says.

One day after daycare , he was in a bad mood when I picked him up , so I asked what happened.

Aryan : "Anisha bad girl hai"
Me : "Kyo"
Aryan : "Usse mere saath khelna tha"
Me : "Toh ?"
Aryan : "Mujhe uske saath nahi khelna tha , mujhe Krishita ke saath khelna tha "
Me : "aap dono ke saath khelo"
Aryan : "NO"
Me : "Toh aap usko bolo ki I dont want to play with you today"
Aryan : "Nahi"
Me : "Kyo"
Aryan : "Agar main aaise bolunga toh woh cry karegi na"

Aryan : "Papa aaj Joshi ne mujhe pinch kiya"
Papa : "Acha , aapne kya kiya"
Aryan : "Maine Cry kiya"
Papa : "Kyo woh itni choti bachi hai , aap usse pitai kha ke aate ho." (She is a year younger than him and small built)
Aryan : "Haan, Agar main usse pinch karta toh woh cry karti , isliye nahi maine pinch nahi kiya"


  1. Really sensitive! :)
    give him a huggy from me pls..

  2. That is very touching, I found it so similar to my conversations with Adi. It is a rare trait these days...hats off to the little guy!

  3. All hugs passed :) Thank you ppl :)