28 February 2011

Bubble gum

One day .. "Mumma aap mere liye bubble gum lana"

Mumma surprise , where the hell did he learn bubble gum ?????

Mumma : "Bubble gum kya hota hai Aryan?"

Aryan : "Usse khate hai"

Mumma : "Okay , aapne khaya ?"

Aryan : "Nahi , woh bus mein big girl hai na , woh kha rahi thi"

Mumma : "Okay , we will get"

So its the bus where he learnt Bubble gum from. But thankfully he forgot that for the next few days.

But soon enough somewhere at a fast food chain , we got a complimentary pack of chewing gum and there was a shout ..."Wow Mumma , Yeh bubble gum hai ..mujhe khana hai"

Now there was no going back. So I explained him how the thing is to be chewed till it is juicy and then thrown and not swallowed.

The entire packet was in and then out of the mouth one by one within 30 minutes since the juice in the bubble gum lasted only that much of the time :-)

Thankfully , he thinks that only THAT fast food chain gives bubble gum and no one else and hence no more demand since then :-)


  1. :)

    I was also surprised about this bubblegum demand last year. Figured out it was only because there was a promo of free Ben 10 tattoo.

  2. :) :) :)

    And so he believed u on that ;) Good job Mumma :)

  3. ~nm : haha ..he and his Ben10 love :)

    Swaram : Oh I did not tell him , he somehow assumed that :) Good for me :D

  4. :)It is sweet that he believes bubble gum is available only in that particular fast food chain. That innocence!!!

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