28 March 2011

Aryan ka baby

Yes , Aryan ka baby is in making !!
And this is how he reacted when I told him the news on 2nd Feb.

He was playing with me and was about to sit on my stomach , so I told him, " isme baby hai Aryan".

and he goes .."aapne baby lagaya"

Then I  told  him , "abhi bhagwan ji baby bana rahe hai ..bahut din mein banega"
so he goes
"bhagwan ji bhi andar hai"

I said yes :P

so he says .." andar kyo bana rahe hai ..bahar kyo nahi "

Then  he started kissing my tummy  and I said thank you

so he says .."aap kyo thankyou bol rahe ho"
"main baby ko pucha kar raha hoon"

The next day he was asking "mumma jab main tummy mein tha ..tab bhagwan ji bhi andar the :) "


  1. Woohoo! So this ws the news like we hd guessed :) Congratulations to allll of uuuu :) So happy for u :)

  2. Official congratulations in the blog world :D

  3. YOHOOOOOO.....congrats.
    Take care!!
    Aryan is so sweet ..such innocent reactions :)

  4. Aww.. Aryan is so sweet :)
    Congratulations to you all !!

  5. Awww...that's great, congrats!