23 November 2011

Aryan is a Big bro now!!

As most of you know already ..Aryan was blessed with a lovely lil sister on 4th October !! And he named her Khushi !!

Khushi and her Mumma are doing well. And most of all we have a little young man caring for us ALL THE TIME!

He is over possessive , extra caring and super lovable, esp for his sister.

Mumma ofcourse is lazy and doing a post after a month and that too without pictures :P

But Mumma promises to be back in her writing shoes (is there anything like that??) soon !!

Till then do suggest a name for Times of Aryan ..since now Khushi will share this space too :-)


  1. Amazing work Didi.
    Loved this blog. Aryan is definitely one blessed child.
    Love 2 both of your kids.