4 June 2012

Latest in our world..

Mumma is lazy to blog ..well ..thats not latest .. :P

The latest is

Khushi learnt to drag her self in all the directions and can travel through the hall ..slowly ofcourse. This cannot be really called a baby's crawl ..may be its a the way a cater pillar crawls ..may be we should get this patented :P

Aryan's first baby tooth is about to give way for an adult one and Aryan is maha thrilled. Whoever will visit our house now will have to see a "Toothy show" where he will showcase the new development to you :P

Khushi is getting naughtier than ever. She nows tries to slide down from her stroller , after rolling on her tummy. She tries to sit up in her cradle..not yet though.

Aryan will start his Class I on wednesday and we purchased a strolley school bag with a spider man on it. Needless to say it was super expensive but he promises to use it for atleast 2 years.
Well , not sure that will happen though. I just asked him to use last year's school bag for 2 weeks , since I have been keeping very busy and I told that we would buy a new one after 2 weeks. And I got a emotional blackmail , you want my friends to laugh at me , saying I still have a small kiddy bag :P

More later ..like they say ..something is better than nothing :)


  1. Loosing the first tooth is a high point for any kid. Does he talk about tooth fairies? Anirudh had learnt about them watching TV and although he himself said that they are not real he still wanted a gift saying "Mujhe achha lagega" :D

    And way to go for Avani. Usko bolo apni badi bahen ko bhi inspiration de

  2. Aww Aryan is gng to Class1 already? Gud luck big boy!
    And Khushi must be looking so cute with that caterpillar crawl :)

  3. heartiest congratulations to Aryan for starting his 1st Class in school and also for his new tooth! :-)
    Khushi looks adorable, just saw her picture in NM's blog.
    Scooting is what Ella also does and what Rishab also did before starting to crawl.
    love that header picture....

    1. thanks di. Aryan still doesnot have new tooth but he lost 2 :)

      She started to crawl day before yesterday :)

      The header pic is my favourite pic of 2 of them :) Thanks