20 June 2012

Big school madness

Aryan started going to first grade. And guess who is most hassled , swamped , worried and tired. Mumma !!

Yeah , unlike the usual , Aryan has been managing fine , more or less. I had thought he would be tired and irritated after the long school day but it doesnot seem so , for now. He does crib about writing his own diary and teacher being strict about it but thats acceptable.

However , I am finding it tough to cope up with his daily homework , weekly home work , weekly project work , weekly library books , text books and what not. With a full time job , khushi and interior work in new house , I do not feel I am doing any justice to his school tasks.
More so they have a time table too and I invariably forget to look at it.

Apart from Aryan's loss, this make me worry about what will his teacher think of me :( A careless mom :(

I need to get into the BIG school frame of mind asap. I need to make my own timetable to make sometime , dedicated time for him.

All ideas , suggestions welcome !


  1. Oh the big boy now. He will be ok. Sometimes it just gets too crazy. Tell me about it. The younger one in UKG and the other in 3rd have made me a restless owl.

    1. yeah ..i am the one who needs settling time , the guy is fine :)