2 August 2007

Ohh I miss !

Asha wrote about how she would be missing those kicks when Zumzum pops out.This inspired me to write what all I miss ,now that he is a BIG boy ..1 year old.

1. My pregnancy , yes I miss ,however horrible I looked , but still I miss. I miss that excitement, eagerness and the fear of unknown.I miss those guessing sessions about Aryan being a boy/girl , about him resembling Anupam or me,about him coming early and uninvited.I miss the kicks inside and the anxiety wen he would not kick.I also miss the attention that I used to get from friends , family and Anupam :)

2. The pink cute little wringled baby , whom I was scared to touch and lift.But he is still Cute !

3. Those nursing sessions.Though I had loads of weird feeding issues in the begining ,still I miss those days , when he would cuddle with me every 2 hours and sleep with content in my arms.It brings an ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment.And you realize that more now , when he just won't want to lie down in your arms, he has so much to do you see!

4. The wait to hear Mumma from him :-)

5. The code word conversation , he is not doing that from quite sometime now :((

6. The afternoon play sessions with him.When MIL stayed with us and my office was also close by , I would go home to nurse him and play with him.MIL would then take some rest and so it was just my time with him and we both loved it.


  1. Oh, you are already making me miss things I don't know about! :)
    I think the wishes of a mother for her kids are always contradictory. We want them to grow up fast and achieve many things in life and at the same time we want them to stay our babies for ever!!

  2. I miss the cuddly morning sessions with betu early in the morning, He would usually wake up around 5:30 in the morning and after bnursing we would would be wide awake while the rest were tight asleep. So we used to talk in gaa gaa guu guu language, he would kick and press his legs in my tummy and just looking at him smiling would be enough for me :D

    *sigh* those were the days. Now he won't cuddle unless he wants it! *sigh*

  3. Asha : So true ..:)

    NM : *sigh*..where is my little boy ..:(