1 August 2007

His Latest Loves and Likes

1. As always my little boy is a machine freak. Be it computer , Fridge, microwave or washing machine. YES ..Washing machine is the favourite and most prefered.His love for it is driving us crazy.As soon as we get into the house in the evenings ,he jumps from our lap and go crawling and shouting to see it its running.Similarly as soon as he gets into his senses in the morning he goes up to check it out.Whenever someone gets into that room(we have washing machine in a small room ,which is not in use for anything else) he crawls behind.If he is crying and is out of control ,we can take him to washing machine and we are DONE.If we wish to make him sit on his potty for little longer ,place the potty in front of WS and let him play with its door. If washing machine is running , then I can finish some other work at peace , as he will be staring at it.What more can I ask , single medicine for all kinds of pains :)

I thought we can use him in an WS commercial :-D ,Anupam says that he will grow up to be a washer man :-D :-D and my father said may be he is a reincarnation of an astraunaut and the rotation brings back some memories :-D :-D :-D

2. Dances on disco music in bhajan style. I play instrumental disco on his piano and he goes dancing ( in sitting position ofcourse).

3. Loves to cherish his looks and smiles.You can place him in front of mirror and he will give it all kinds of smiles.

4. Loves to sprinkle Murmure(puffed rice) on the floor and then finding them to put in his mouth.

5. Loves to bite me and keep biting(inspite of me telling No) till I loose my patience and shout in pain. To which he will smile.

6. Jump from our lap and stand holding our hands.

7. His interest to break his papa's specs have shifted to my mobile.My poor mobile has scars all over its body and I don't plan to change it till it says a final good-bye.

8. Bullying Kids in Malls/Markets.Don't go by his age.It can be a 10 year old kid or a 6 months old.He will make sure to catch his/her attention. And yes ! all the female sales girls , would know him well.

9. Bathing ...ohh I was almost missing it out.That still remains favourite as ever.He can go on and on and he loves touching the falling water.

10.Bottles.One of the lastest love..hehehe..well,not the ones you thought about.It can be a water bottle , mosturier bottle,bath gel or whatever.He can play with them for long time. But, no longer , yesterday he discovered to open the water bottle and I found him drenched. Now thats scary!


  1. oh! #1 & #10 - ditto for K. last year, I did two whole posts on his washing machine "love" and one on his bottles love! crazy things they go for, isn't it?

    lol at the astronaut theory!! :)

  2. Washing Machine thing is really funny...but good for u ...u know where to take him when he is crying :-)

  3. I remember my bro and I used to sit in front of the washing machine and we just loved to watch the laundry going round and round and round... hehehe

  4. Hehehe..thats quite hilarious list! :D

  5. Sweet! For Moppet, it's clocks for some reason. She loves them! :-)

  6. K'Mom ,Asha : Thank you ..so I know he is normal !

    Priya : Yipeee!!

    nm : :-)

    MoppetMom : Heheh..wall clock is even more funny !