28 August 2007

What's Cooking ?

This is what Aryan does on a Sunday evening , when Mumma cooks.


  1. he looks so huggably cute!! and delightful
    this is what K did at that age...and it continues to be his all-time favorite game.

  2. Aryan is choo chweet! Its Sunu's fav game too....now that she reaches all the kitchen drawers...she pulls serving spoons and stuff by herself and keeps banging on the floor. I have to snatch them back from her and hide them to lessen the damage to the hardwood floors:)

  3. Awww...Momma's little helper at work! :)

  4. k'Mom : Aryan and kodi have much in common.

    nanhi Pari : Thank God he can still not reach the slab.

    Mystic : :) ..Mumma's is helping her to work :D