7 August 2007

Too Smart For Me

Aryan is partially potty trained. Most of the times he makes a typical noise whenever he needs to 'GO'.So if we are alert and fast enough, to make him sit on his potty seat, life is easy. But since last few days, he will just make us run and do nothing.Past two days have been awesome. He has realized that this is ultimate way to grab attention.So whenever I am busy with something, he will make the typical noise and when I ask him "Susu aayi.." , he would happily laugh :-O

Same way ,he found another ultimate way to draw attention.Its like this , "put your finger in your mouth and act like you are about to throw and you will find mummy running to pick you and papa fetching you some water. "

Ahh..these kids are way too smart !!


  1. Hahaha...they know how to make others dance to their tunes! The Pied Pipers shall I say? (only in the positive way)

  2. Kids these days are smart and getting smarter. They know what they want.

  3. Blog-hopped from utbtkids.
    Read last few blogs. This last one is cute! In my household, its run D run. When I request D to be nice to her sister as mummy needs to use the restroom, I get to hear - run mummy run!

  4. nm : Pied Pipers indeed.
    Asha : Get ready ..you are not far behind :)
    rbdans :Thanks for dropping by.Hehhehehe..RUN MUMMY RUN ..super cute !