17 August 2007

Smiling and Social

Sometime back I did a post on how Aryan tried to make a friend.But thats not all , its not just the kids, he is a true social bee.

Take a look :

1. While travelling in car , he would try every trick to attract the biker on a red light. If no biker is available , he would even try to attract the people in nearby cars. And his smile works atleast once a day :)

2. Few days back, standing in the billing queue at a grocery shop , he was smiling and staring at a foriegner behind us. The lady had no idea of what was going on and was chatting with someone else. He did not give in , till she looked at him and went all crazy about his smile.They shared flying kisses when we left :D

3. Last week he was not well and he took him to hospital , twice a week. He had bad cough and was weak. But the doctor and junior doctor thought we are fools to bring him to hospital. He did not even cough once in 1 hour. He was smiling all the time.When doctor wanted to see his throat , he showed his teeth. While leaving the doctor told me that he is such a "SMILING BABY". I was telling the junior doctor that he forgets all cough when he comes to hospital , who in turn told me , please leave him here and we will take care of him :P

4. Yesterday evening I was taking a walk with him. He grabbed the attention of another old lady who was taking a walk.When she started talking to him , he offered her to take him in her lap. And then he was happily smiling at me from her lap :P

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  1. He sounds like such a happy baby!! Touch wood. Kahin usko nazar nahi lag jaaye!