9 July 2008

The Latest Sensation in Music Industry

The Indian music industry has found a new talented singer and composer. His first song has won the heart of Papa dear , Taiji dear and Mommy dear. He sung the song on phone for taiji and ever since then , you can find papa humming the song all the time.

The song goes like this , "Jaba Jaba Jabaaaa, Jaba Jaba Jabaaaa".

Lyrics , ohh lyrics no longer have a meaning in this industry , it should be hummable , thats it. And may be the new talent is inspired by Himesh Reshamya :-)


  1. Ohh yes! I felt so special that he sang it to me and no one else excluding parents. Coz parents ayways are the part of each activity as such!

    And why are you putting in the category of the likes Himesh and all! He is far above them! :)

    He's such a sweetu ram!!

  2. wah wah.. the rising star of tomorrows Indian music Industry :)

  3. nahhhiiii!! not Himes bhai!! :p

    am sure he sings wayyy better!! :)



  4. Aww......i am humming too "Jaba Jaba Jabaaaa".......:)

  5. So sweet! would have loved to hear it too! :)

  6. PLEASE.........dont ever compare him to Himesh.

    I am sure, Aryan is far far better than him.

    So when can we hear it?

  7. how sweet is that

    and certainly he must be better than himesh

  8. Awwww....wish I could hear the little maestro, too. And please don't compare Aryan to Himesh, or I'll have a bone to pick with you! :P