7 July 2008

Papa's Boy

His papa is his role model in everything. Whatever papa does is the best. Whatever papa use is the best. And he takes good care of papa's belongings as well.

He runs to get his papa's shoes every day. And he understands and get another pair when papa says , "Nahi Beta , not this , other one." He stands at the door with a towel for the papa. He runs to get papa's specs as soon as papa comes out of bathroom.

Day before yesterday, we went out a nearby restaurant for evening snacks. It was one of those self service kinds. So while his papa went to fetch the food , I saw that Aryan is looking at someone. I tried to call him , but he gave no response.He was standing close to another table and staring 2 people , who were having coffee. On giving a closer look , I saw that a pair of glasses were kept on the table. I got worried of him going and picking it. Thats when he turned to me , pointing at the glasses and said , "Papa" in a very helpless tone. I explained that papa has his glasses and thats Uncles.

He immitates Anupam in his habits as well. He makes noise like his papa , while brushing. He roam around in balcony with mobile phone on his years and talk in gibberish with someone. This includes , "Hello" ,"hahahaah" and "Bye" as well.
He likes using papa's pillow and he slowly slip from his pillow to his papa's until papa decide to swap the pillows and give him what he wants.

Whatever papa does is right and so when papa covers himself with a quilt he demands mumma to do so as well. But here he refuses to immitate papa himself.

So I am seeing a papa's boy in making :-)


  1. :)

    while Cubby doesnt imitate anything as yet, he is happiest when with his papa!!

    so its papa's boys all over!!



  2. so sweet of him...........

  3. It seems the boys of today are trying to break the age old saying of "Papa's girl and Mumma's boy" :D

    Super cute!

  4. So cute......... Today Ansh did not want to get up for school & insisted that he'll only get up if papa gets up too. Poor papa!

  5. I am not surprised... now-a-days all boys are devoted followers of their papa.

    Jason wont even look at me when his papa is at home on weekends.

    Maybe he gets tired of being with me for the last 5 days.

    dont worry... our day will also come.

  6. You know, girls.. boys.. all are papa's pet. What to do, mommies are busy figuring out their feeding and sleeping schedule. Papa's are the ones who get to play and become the "fun" person to be with.. ache ka jamaana hi nahi raha.. I tell ya..

  7. Darn!!! Where did mama's boy go?

  8. Thatds was a really sweet account.
    Rishab is totally a papa's boy too.

  9. He will end up being a mama's boy, just you watch. All boys are.
    I love the new template. It's so cute!

  10. I could copy paste the whole post with Vansh's name in ..there was a time where he would tell me "Mummy kitchen banao" while he played away with papa merrily. I second ddmom's comment ..acche ka to zamaana hi nahin hai!!