29 July 2008

Traditional Expression of Love

Aryan has always had different and innovative ways for expressing love. Read that all here and here and here and here.

But these days he is moving towards the traditional ways. Whenever he is happy with papa or mumma , he showers him or her with loads of kisses , on both the cheeks. But there are times when he feels thats not enough and what does he do then ? He holds papa or Mumma's face with both hands and give a kiss on lips :-O

And yes , just to clarify , Aryan is not fond of watching TV and his papa or mummy are not the teachers of this new lesson ;-)


  1. Sooooooooo sweet!
    Rishab loves to kiss me on lips too, unless I have lipstick on. :)

  2. lol...........Ansh does this too. :)

  3. :)

    i am waiting for Cubby to learn how to kiss now!

    Aryan is such a cutiepie!!



  4. And not so long ago you were snickering at me when I wrote that Anirudh kisses us like that. I'm having so much fun snickering back at you!! Hahahahaha! :D

  5. chooo chweet !!!!!

    Lots of love to Aryan :)

  6. thatz cute :)

    been reading u for a while now... first cmnt here...

    love to li'l aryan