21 August 2008

25 months

I have not updated this page from a long time now and today I realized that I have so much to write that I do not know what to write :-P

Since today is 21st and Aryan turned 25 months old today, let me do a post today atleast.

So as you know my parents came for 10 days and Aryan was overwhelmed with their love and all the attention that he got. He used to be super excited all the time, dancing in happiness. He started repeating all the talks happening around. He discovered silly games, like standing on my papa’s hand and him saying “Uuii Uuuii” in pain and pulling his hand back and running in the balcony to see who will touch the wall on the opposite side first.

Then on 30th July , when they had to go back I did not know how will Aryan react. We went to drop them to railway station. We did counseling to Aryan 2 days in advance. Thankfully he did not cry , though he was sad.

Next morning my in laws came and Aryan wanted them to play the same silly games with him that he played with Nana Nani. For a day or two he missed nana nani badly inspite of having a great time with dadu dadi. And then he discovered a different set of silly games to play with the different set of grandparents.

In all we had a over excited, bubbly, naughty and happy baby for about a month, who enjoyed all the attention and love showered upon him 24 by 7.

My in laws went back on 13th Aug . Aryan as expected is missing all the fun badly. But at the same time he has been a good baby and managing well.

There were a few incidents , who may not be so significant to anyone from a third person’s perspective , but to me they give me some insight about my son’s personality.

So I would like to list them here :

On of the days, my MIL fell down while she was coming back after giving Aryan a bath. And Aryan who saw her falling down and was alone in the room got too scared and started crying. As she got up and hugged Aryan, Aryan patted her back and kissed her back , several times during the day and next few days. She told me that Aryan was scared when she wanted to take him to bath the next day, thinking that dadi might fall again. It was then that I discovered how caring and sensitive my little boy is. I mean I always thought that he is a sensitive child but the way he behaved to his dadi’s injury was beyond my expectation at his age.

I always wondered how Aryan will react to a sibling or a kid in house. I got chance when Anupam’s cousin came to stay over for a weekend with her 4 years old daughter. The two kids behaved just as expected. Hugging and cuddling each other one moment and fighting over a toy the next moment. Looking for each other if one is missing and fighting over the laps of their mothers. Aryan enjoyed her company for 2 days and literally missed her for days after she was gone.

On one of those two days when the two kids were playing with same colored balloons , Aryan’s balloon went out of his reach and so he grabbed the little girl’s balloon. As obvious , she started crying. It was then , I got Aryan’s balloon back to him. On getting his own balloon back, Aryan went and gave the little girl hers and kissed and hugged her. So I don’t know what should I conclude f rom the incident , which shows me two sides of same coin.

Enough for the post :-)


  1. Hey, about time you posted! Aryan is getting to be such a big boy! Hugs!

  2. Aww....so sweet abt the way he reacted to Dadi's fall. So sensitive, as u said. :)

  3. kids are amazingly cute i say... ur son is really sensitive.... :)

  4. The kids are so much more sensitive then we can ever imagine!!

    It seems not so long ago when we heard the news of his arrival! And he is 2y1m already!!

    Love to him!

    And Mommy dear, you are doing a great job!

  5. Such a cute and sensitive boy :)

  6. wow! It sure feels good to know of such a good nature of his, isn't it?!
    Bless you both!

  7. :)

    finally we get to know wassup with Aryan!! and he is getting nicer by the day!!