30 October 2008

What is this ?

Yes , I am back from my vacation :-) We had a blast ! I will come back and post pics of Aryan having fun , but for now I have to catch up a lot of work ! So here is a quiz , what is that you see in the pic below :

Make your guess !

Editted to Add :

Most of you got it right , but I give it to -xh- for I loved the way he said it , "first steps in fruit carving... :)".

You know we moms , we see the scriblings by our kids as masterpieces , so why not the attempt to eat a big whole apple can be called carving :-)


  1. do you mean what have you done with the apple? It looks a bit like the globe..........?

  2. first steps in fruit carving... :)

  3. half eaten apple which u forgot to dispose off when u left for vacation???

  4. It seems like an apple which has been bitten into by a very little person who has left his teethmarks all over it :)

  5. i think i like -xh- response... has aryan tried to create something by carving