19 May 2009

Talking bits

Spots a cockroach "Papa dekho Cockroach chal ke aa raha hai"

Making some funny sound , "Main Fan ki nakal kar ria hoon"

Picks his doodle pad and asks "Mumma fan de do" and mumma tells "no beta thats pen".

Calls me and says "Paani pilao beta"

Makes a funny sound and says "Papa car aaise karti hai".

Runs to get water , "Main paani lati hoon"


  1. Oh My! He is turning out to be the king of dialogues. Says so many things? So sweet :)

  2. hahaha..super cute

    The making-sound-of-fan one is too good :D

  3. :)

    awwww! i love to listen to baby talk!

    the other day Cubby was pressing M's feet when he actually hada sked ME to do it.

    when i tried to, Cubby said. Mummty! Chhodo! main kar raha hoon naa!

    i was like Huh what?!