31 May 2009

Another Woman in his Life :-(

Yesterday I was shopping and I showed him 2 colours of a top and asked , "Aryan kaun sa acha hai" , expecting him to tell me , which colour does he like better.

Pat I got the reply , "Mumma A (his GIRL friend's name) jaisa pehno".

Poor me , I did not know I should laugh or cry. My son already has another woman in his life and she is already competing with me. GRRR :-O


  1. hahahah!! Too cute!!

    And start getting used to it Mumma ;)

  2. Welcome to the real world !! Kids these days are super smart and yes, they want their mom to look the best hence the suggestions !!
    My son takes interest in the what I apply on my face...'mumma is this your powder?, mumma what are you putting on your lips?...oh lipstick...oh....
    And then finally 'very nice' or 'oh wow' !!!

  3. :)

    less heartache layter, nahi?! ;)