14 May 2009

Aryan in Kerala !

The much awaited Kerala pics of Aryan !

Aryan enjoying Carrots and Red Banana on way to Munnar

Stretching out soon after reaching Munnar..who doesnot love a nice clean bed!

Enjoying "Jhoola"

At Mattupatty dam

In Speed boat

Walking between the clouds!

Hanging from the roof of house boat ..you don't see papa him holding na !

"Pitr Seva" - Opening Dad's shoe laces , And NO he did not ask Aryan to do so !

Masti with Dadi

Masti with Dadi


  1. Lovely lovely pics; The King of Expressions he seems to be. Loved the one while eating banana. And those carrots are making me want to snatch them away from the pic and eat them.

  2. What fun the little one has had !!! amazing expressions too !!
    I loved Munnar actually Kerala in general...I could go there again and again ...

  3. wow..what a cool picture man.....Aryan has really grown...Good to see him..I will call you later on sometime....

  4. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. Your little charmer sure seems to enjoy healthy food like bananas and naughty pastimes like untying shoelaces.

  5. wow he looks so cute and his expressions in each pic are amazing

  6. :)

    he is so cute! and i can never get over how MUCH he looks like you! :)

    and dada dadi also seem totally happy to have him around!! :D

    hugs to the l'il guy!