5 November 2009

Papa Car , Aryan Car , pike pike , peeko peeko

He is fascinated about cars and wants to drive one as soon as possible. All his games and talks revolve around cars these days. He is so much into it that I cannot explain that in words.

Today morning soon after bath when he is just in towel:

Aryan : "Main papa car drive karoonga" (one of his most commom ask these days)
Me : "No Aryan , aap abhi bahut chote ho , pehle papa jaise big ho jao , tab papa car chalana"
(now some tricks) "Aryan aapko pata hai , agar aap school jaoge , toh new things seekhoge , aur jaldi se bade ho jaoge"
Aryan : "Anirudh Jaise"
(YEAH ..He does call him "Anirudh" at times , while if I call him "Anirudh" I get a scolding ,"Mumma Anirudh nahi kehte , bolo ANIRUDH BHAIYA")
Me : "Haan Anirudh Bhaiya jaise"
Aryan : "Main pike-pike karoonga"
(Pike-Pike is the sound that comes when we unlock the car , you know the sound of center locking)
Me : "Ok"
Aryan : " gimme menote" (give me remote) " papaaaa ..gimme pike pike menote"
Papa : "ok" (gets the remote and hands over to Aryan

These days every evening Aryan , Mumma and Mickey mouse (MM) (an ugly old mickey mouse soft toy that Aryan loves for God knows why) go "ghumma" (outing) in Aryan's car.
And the role play fever has gone to next level.

Aryan : "Mumma Mickey mouse Aryan hai" (mickey mouse is Aryan) "Mumma Mickey mouse main papa"
Me : "You are papa of mickey mouse"
Aryan : "yes"
Aryan : "Mumma baitho , ghumma jayenge , Aryan car" Needless to say I am Aryan's mom ..thankfully :)
Me : "Kahan jayenge"
Aryan : " Subji wala" (Vegetable shop / supermarket)
Me : ok (I stand behind his pedal car , coz its too small for me to sit :P)
Aryan : "Mumma mickey mouse ko toh le aao"
I follow the instruction
Aryan : "Main door kholta hoon" , pretends to open car door and I make MM sit in the car.
Aryan : "peeko peeko taai tai , peeko peeko taai tai,peeko peeko taai tai"
This is car in reverse gear , the sound is of reverse gear horn , as it comes from his Nanu (my father's car).
He drives thr in reverse , watching sides like his dad , turns it and then says ,
"Mumma baitho"

I stand at the back of car and move as the car moves and we reach subzi wala , which is a nearby table or chair.

Aryan : "Mumma aap Mickey mouse ko le lo , main park karta hoon. peeko peeko tai tai "
Aryan : "Mumma tomato le lo"
Me : "Uncle tomato dena , 1 kg" , carry a virtual carry bag and come back
Aryan :" Mumma , paise toh do"
I give virtual money
Aryan : "Main boot kholta hoon"
Pretends to open car boot , with a spare keys that he consider his car keys
I keep virtual vegetable bags in boot , he closes the boot , locks it and we come home.

I hope you get the drift. We do go to buy clothes for MM too :)


  1. He is just so cute! And kudos to his observation power.

  2. Ha ha ha :)

    peeko peeko tai tai - thatz so cute :)
    He tells u what subzii to buy too :P

  3. :D He'll take you to the subziwala only at this age, try asking him in his teens , you better enjoy the service while it lasts :D

    Needless to say, I'm imagining the sound effects in full Dolby style :)

  4. What a fascinating world the kids have inside their head!! wonder how they grasp and remember so much information !!!
    Clap...clap...clap for Aryan !!
    Keep it up and one day promise to take me in ur pike-pike car !!

    God Bless...

  5. awwww! thats so cute!! and how much these kids seem to be observing at all times!!


  6. Ahhh this is indeeed super..The reverse gear i liked the most.....
    Aryan's Mom