11 November 2009


Aryan on the way to school in his dad's car : "Mumma petrol kahan hai ?"
Me , amused at sudden question : "car mein"
Aryan , unhappy with my answer : "Mumma truck ka petrol kahan hai ?"
Me , notices his finger towards a truck on our right , on the road , thinking what he is asking : "Ohh u mean truck ka petrol tank kahan hai ????"
Aryan : "haan"
Me , trying to locate truck's petrol ..err ..diesel tank : "Aryan thats on other side , us taraf hai"
Aryan not satisfied by my answer : "kahan"
Me : "doosre truck mein dikhayenge , wait"
Aryan , Spots another one ahead : "woh raha doosra truck , petrol kahan hai??"
Me : "Wait , will show when we reach near"
Aryan waits imapatiently till we reach near the truck
Me : "dekho yeh raha"
Aryan , satisfied : "ok" spots a bus now , "Mumma dekho yeh bus ka petrol hai"


Aryan : Walking in the park , hears some noise from some apartment nearby
"Mumma yeh kiss ka awaaz hai?"
Me : "Cooker ka"
Aryan : "Kahan se aaya ?"
Me : "Aunty ke ghar se"
Aryan : "Aunty kya bana rahi hai ?"
Me : "I don't know"
Aryan : "Chawal ?"
Me : "Yes"


Aryan walking past swimming pool at 8.30 PM at night : "Mumma , main swimming pool main jump karoon ?"
Me : "No Aryan"
Aryan : "kyo ?"
Me : "Its so cold now , saturday ko aayenge"
Aryan : "jab sun aayega ?"
Me : "haan"
Aryan, having house keys in his hand : "Mumma main keys swimming pool mein daal doon ?"
Me , scared and alert : "No Aryan"
Aryan : "kyo ?"


Aryan in the car parking : "yeh papa car hai!"
Me : "haan"
Aryan spots a honda city : "yeh tauji car hai!"
Me : haan
Aryan goes so on to spot all the cars that are owned by all the near and far relatives in the family and friends and finally ...
"Mumma , aapka auto kahan hai ?"