16 November 2009

Golden words

1. "Papa car choti (small) hai, main big papa car laonga , white wali"

2. "Mumma , Papa is lion , I monkey , you cat"

3. "Mumma mujhe aeroplane chalana hai"

4. "A is my friend , B is my friend , C is my friend , X is NOT my friend"

(Where A,B,C and X are names of kids , so when did he got the concept of friends and not friends ?)


  1. Ohh! When do they learn all this? Not my friend - just can't believe he knows that :)

    Choona hai aasmaan is his motto now! WTG Aryan :)

  2. X not my freind is amazing...and you are a cat..hahhhh...

  3. @swaram : I really dont know :) Ya , some days he wanna be pilot and some days truck driver :P

    @monika : tkanks

    @AM : Yeah :P Thanks :)