13 December 2009

You-my-friend ?

These days Aryan is fully into the concept of friends and no friends. So if he is angry with you , he will make a sad face and say "I not your Friend" and then he would expect you to patch up.

And when I get angry , he will try to patch up by making funny faces , kissing hugging etc and asking every 2 minutes "You-my-Friend ?" , to which I would say "No" , he would reply "I your friend" and will continue his patch up till I say "Yes , I your Friend". In reply to which he will hold the corners of my lips and pull them apart and say "Smile"

It seems that this talk is going in daycare and school too. The other day I heard the maid in daycare asking him "Aryan which Aunty is friend" and he replied "Bhagya Aunty" , that was the name of the lady.

And yesterday night I was asking him about kids in school and he told me , "S said , I not your friend" , "M said I your Friend" and so on ..

So next time you visit our place , expect the question , "you-my-friend ?"


  1. next time when I will call up, I will ask him this :D

  2. i know my answer!! :D

    thats so cute. them learning to grasp all these grown up concepts!

  3. How cute, and how nice to be called a friend ... I like the 'smile' part :)

  4. @~nm :You may also get a "I not your friend" with a lip down pose :)

    @Swaram : :-)

    @MM : true

    @Abha : Yeah ..its fun !

    @Uma : The smile thing is precious na :)