20 June 2010

Crafts of the month!

No, we are not starting a monthly craft competiotion , Shruti is already doing a great job on that. We are just showcasing what all we did this month :-)

So here is our firt Origami craft , a hat from the book we got from Shruti Aunti !! THANK YOU SHRUTI AUNTI !

What you see below is the remains from a party popper ! Yes , Aryan is so fond of party popper that we was asking everyday about his birthday for the sake of it. So his dad got him one.

So this is what we did with the remains. A black canvas , which was painted long ago and was saved by mumma was used to make a shiny star !

And then we made a colourful house on the same day !

Showcasing his creation !

Now Shruti Aunti is talking about block printing , so we did something to mark our participation!

Another block printing attempt with potatos , but it is not neat and hence I am not giving it for the artsy crafty!


  1. Its up on my blog. What an amazing idea!! :) I'll try this tonight for sure! :)

  2. Ohh. n I love all the crafts. Thats 1 proud boy there :) muah. lovely. Good job aryan. N the chutku topi looks soooooooo cute on top of his head.

  3. Thanks MM..did you notice the fake smiles ?

  4. I luvvvv his smile .. fake or nt :P :P
    Me luvs the potato penguins :)

  5. the bottle idea is superb. n all the other crafts are also so well done.lovely.

  6. Lovely.. :) reminded me of my school days.. :D