22 June 2010

Getting Assertive with his Demands!

Scene :
Aryan loves mom-made burgers (anti-jinx!!). So after he finished his burger.

Aryan : "Mumma give me camera"

Mumma : "Why"

Aryan : "Aapne bahut acha burger banaya na , main aapka photo khichoonga"

Mumma was on 11th heaven !


Scene : Super market Entrance

Aryan : "Mumma jab nanu nani aaye the , toh unhone mujhe paise diye the na , bola toy lana"

Mumma : (Shocked !!! He never really demanded anything till date) "Okay!"

Aryan : "Toy lena hai"

Mumma : "Okay lets see the toy section , what you want"

Aryan : (spots Play doh !) "Play doh!"

Delighted Mumma picks 4 different colours of play doh !

Aryan : (spots a big set of sketch pens) "Yeh bhi lena hai"

Mumma : "Do you know what that is?"

Aryan : "thats XYLOPHONE"

Mumma : "Its not xylophone , we will get you xylophone tomorrow"

Scene change : Next day in a gift shop , buying gift for a birthday party.

Mumma notices a xylophone , remembers her promise and shows it to Aryan. Aryan is delighted and wants to buy that. After sometime , while we are still looking for gift for the party,

Aryan : "Mumma I want MIKE"

Mumma : "Okay , choose between xylophone and mike"

Aryan is confused for long time

Mumma : "Okay , lets buy xylophone today and mike on your birthday"

Aryan : "okay"

Scene change : Aryan played with xylophone for an hour.

Aryan : "Mumma lo , I dont want xylophone now , I want mike now"

Mumma is too shocked to believe his new milestone.


  1. Hw sweet of him to ask to take a pic of urs :) :) :)

  2. so sweet of him...he knows how to compliment...So when are u getting him Mike now?

  3. hehehe... post your pic while you were on 11th heaven ;)

  4. when ru buying him a mike :)