11 January 2011

Socho ki phulo ka shehar ho...aur usme kaun ho ?

Today during bath :

Mumma : "Socho ki phoolo ka shehar ho"

Aryan : "Lehro pe apna ek ghar ho "

Mumma : "Aryan ho Mumma ho Papa ho"

Aryan : "Baby ho"

Mumma : :-P

NOPE , there is no baby as of now , not even in making , however thats on his mind , thanks to all his friends with siblings , he wants "Aryan ka baby".


  1. Hahahah....he is such a cutie...I love the way his mind works :D

  2. Ahem he does know how to get Mamma and Pappa to work ;) ;) Smart boy Aryan :D

  3. Smart kid. How old is he? Happy to follow your blog. Do drop in to my blog to find some more interesting things to know about parenting.