7 January 2011

The P word

Yeah , he is all fasicinated by the P word these days and its a part of all conversations and fantasies.
We have been trying all tricks and tactics to avoid the use of P word but its not helping much.

So day before yesterday I told him , that you should not say "P****" all the time
He asks "why"
And I tell him , because "P**** is dirty"

Here is the after effect of the conversation :

Today Morning , "Aryan , take your bath"
"Because you are dirty"
"Mumma , P**** bhi dirty hoti hai , main usko bhi bath kara dunga"


  1. ROFL!!! Betu to bahut hi cutie badmash hota ja raha hai!!

  2. ~nm : cutie ka pata nahi ..badmash yes :)

    Swaram : :P :P :P :-)