21 April 2011

1 - 1 = ?

We are going to visit both set of grandparents after an year now and obviously Aryan is super excited ever since I started preparing. And I usually start preparing 1 weekend in advance. So since Saturday he knows that we will go on vacation on coming friday.

And every evening he is counting how many days left for 10 days of vacation on his fingers. So I tell him , 5 fingers minus 1 ..whats left and he will tell 4 and so on

This morning I was trying wake him up and he was being lazy. So I played smart and asked , Aryan after we go today , 1 minus 1 what will be left ??? My idea was to excite him and wake him up.

The reply was "TEN" , followed by a sweet smile while the eyes were still closed.

Bad maths ..nope ..the smile told ..1-1 was 10 days holidays ..smart maths :D