19 April 2011

Baby and related questions :)

These days questions, statements and queries crop up without mumma having enough time to prepare answers. Now you ask if it was better earlier and I say yeah the questions were bit more managable.

Witness these :

"Mumma mujhe chota ho kar aapke tummy ke hole(naval) se, andar jana hai aur baby se mil ke aana hai."


Taking a candy out of his mouth , almost placing it on my tummy .."Mumma mujhe baby ko choclate dena hai" ,

So I said baby cannot have choclate , baby will have only milk till he is little old.

Aryan : "Milk , joh uncle laate hai"

Mumma : "No Aryan"

Aryan : "Then"

Mumma : "Jab aap baby the, toh kahan se milk peete the"

Viola , he points to the right place!!

Aryan : "Baby yahan se milk piyega"

Mumma : "Haan"

Aryan : "Yahan se milk aayega , ganda ya saaf"

Mumma : "Saaf :P"


One day after play time , when he did not get anyone to play with, he comes and tells :"Mumma jaldi baby nikalo"

And we had a long session explaining that baby will not be a playmate.


One fine day , "mumma we will have girl baby or boy"

Me : "What do you want Aryan"

Aryan : "Both, mujhe 2 baby chahiye"

You can see a freaking papa in the background :D

Mumma : "No aryan"

Aryan : wailing "No , I want 2"

Mumma : "yes yes , we will have 2 , your mami will get you one in may and mumma will get you one"

Aryan : "okay"

Phew !



  1. Aryan is very cute..he is so ready to be a big bro..

  2. Thanks Swaram.

    Thanks Little Fingers , he is a baby himself at times :)