26 July 2012

The naughty little cutie that she is

Can now crawl with jet speed , loves to chase mumma around the house and we sometimes play run and catch game too. Tries to jump down her crib. Walk on the sides of the bed , her arms resting for support. Cries when she wants to sit , but doesnot dare to try. Does not dare to stand without support.

Believes that everything in this world is tastier than the food offered to her. Loves eating toys, garbage, pencils, erasers, paper, banana peel and her fingers. She basically eats everything except FOOD. She is a first grade fussy eater. When she doesnot want to eat , you just cannot give her a spoon full. She will stitch her mouth almost literally and yet keep smiling at you. As the spoon will go near her mouth, she will twitch her nose , like it smells :P. And if at all she wants to eat(very rare scenario) she will climb on you and snatch the stuff and tries to gobble it down with amazing swiftness. Needless to say this is the stuff thats not usually offered to her like maggi :P

Feels its mumma's duty to figure out when she is hungry and rarely demands milk or food.

Loves to bath and dip her hands in the bucket. Claps as soon as you make her sit on her bath bed. Doesnot love to dress up though.

Loves to dance to all kind of music. It may be a title track of some TV show , some movie song or my besoora singing. Shakes her legs , hands , wrists and lifts/ shakes her body ..not in complete cordination though.

Likes to be around her brother without even demanding any attention from him.  Adores him and enjoys his company. When Bhaiya is in mood and there is no Chota bheem on TV the two of them cuddle and giggle for long , else bhaiya will carry her to mumma / dadi saying "lo isse sambhalo". He understands that its his responsibility to take care of her when there is no adult around and gets stressed.

Says bye when ever asked , even when the person she has to say good bye is carrying her in his/her lap.

Demands 110% attention as soon as she sees mumma or papa after work, even though its for just 10 mins.

Enjoys throwing stuff around. Can stand up holding the table and pushes every single thing down. Loves to drag off the table mats or trays and does not care if that lands on her head or not. Claps after throwing any clothes or nappies that rest on her crib.Throws off any toy or other stuff thats on her walking track.

Loves to go out. Jumps all the way during outings. Loves dressing up only when its for an outing.

Gets tickled with slight touching and giggles and make you giggle.

Fill our home with smiles.


  1. I loved the "twitches her nose" part :)

    She sounds like such an adorable bachku laddoo. And after having met her recently I can almost imagine her doing all these things :)

  2. Aww.. can imagine her doing all this. So much so, that i actually twitched my nose while reading the line :D Ammu would do the same !