9 July 2012

Fun times

You know you are going to have some tough  fun time ahead ...

when you suddenly feel something moving near your feet and you thank God for not stepping on that something, and you wonder how she reached there,
When you have to search her in different parts of house all the time,
when you broom and mop your floor twice a day and still feel that its not clean enough coz she always finds some interesting thing to eat,
when you start looking under the table and under the beds,
when you realize that all your doors have stoppers which can even serve as teethers,
when you suddenly start noticing all the wires and ropes in the house,
when you start dusting all the surfaces,
when you find your center table is too low and a tray from it can be easily pulled down,
when you learn to walk with your head down,
when you realize that food thats in your plate is tastier than all the other food that you made,
when you wash your hands, not before and after but during your meals :P,
when you wake up thrice in a night and start looking around.

1 comment:

  1. I cam almost imagine Avani doing all the things that you describe and I get a big big smile on my face and at the same time I cam imagine your flustered yet a contented face seeing your little princess doing these activities :)