9 July 2012

Birthday Gift

My mom asked Aryan what he wants as his birthday gift and he thought and thought hard and said

ek badi car dila do ..real nahi par jisme main baith paon ..then my mom said that you are too old for those toys

so he goes ..then laptop dila do real wala ..kyunki mummy ko yeh chahiye hota hai toh main game nahi khel pata ..

then i told ..nahi ..laptop u can share this

so he goes ..acha phir chota bheem ya doremon Tshirt aur pajama dila do. So I told him ..why dont u go and nani will decide herself :P


  1. Aryan - I truly empathise with you. First people ask you what you want and then they don't give you that...kitni galat baat hai na yeh?

    (I know your mumma would be giving me those angry glares reading this right now :P)

    1. Taiji ..why dont you get me what I asked :( *look at my bhola sa face*

    2. Well I did you get a ride-on car when you turned one bachku. And as for lappy, why dont we talk about iPad? Since you papa-mumma do not give you any pocket money yet, ask them to start keeping Rs. 500 every month in a piggy bank for you along with any money gifts that you receive and then you can buy an ipad :D Taiji will also contribute towards the iPad collection

  2. cute.... :)
    So what Did he finally get? Did he like whatever he got?