4 September 2012

Khushi at 11

Khushi turns 11 months today. And like I always say , she makes me say this often. Oh Aryan was such a seedha bacha. She is getting naughty with each passing day.

This weekend we went to market with her in the stroller and she pulled a shopping bag lying on someone's table and I had to jump and grab the bag to prevent it from falling. The lady who was sitting just next to the bag exactly knew what happened , however rest of the people on the table stared at me as if I was flicking their bag off :P And then she banged her hand to a dustbin ..Ewww. And sometime later while getting to the lift , she grabbed the shopping trolley  of somone who was going out of the lift. Thankfully did not hurt her fingers , as none of us noticed her antic that time.

I might soon have to sell off the stroller anyways , because she no longer sits on that , she stands. So if we manage to belt her to stroller then we can use it , else we use it keep our hand bags and shopping bags :)

Last evening , she went missing and I roamed around from room to room , shouting "Khushi". No response means danger , else she replies with a "AAAN". And found her , in her own room ofcourse !! She had opened the 2nd drawer of her wardrobe , managed to hold it and stand  and then was busy clearing it up. Yes , she was holding the drawer with one hand and throwing off the clothes one by one with the other hand. Soon we had an empty drawer.

Except from being naughty , she is a real sweet heart. She charms you with her antics all the time. If you put a finger on you cheek and ask for pucha and if she is actually happy with you , you get a REAL pucha , with sound effect :) Sometimes you get way too many , on cheeks and chin and then cheeks again :)

When I ask her if she wants something , a yes is a BIG grin and tilting of head. A no  is indifference.

When she wants to show off that she is in mumma's lap , she will keep her head on my shoulder and smile at the person who is trying to charm her.

Somedays we are lucj to hear a "papapapa " and a "Mummumma" , rarely though. Papa got extremely lucky this weekend when he walked by and she said "aay papa".

When you open the main door or she realizes that we are going for outing , she jumps in your lap so much so that you hand pains.

Bhaiya is adored all the time. Lying next to bhaiya is blissful. Eating off his eraser is a mission. Twice the eraser has been pulled out of the mouth.

Writing is another agenda. She has already scribbled the floor a few times. I am waiting when she will stand up and scribble a few walls and her papa will run around to do a touch up on his newly painted house :) Would love that scene :)

And we had her mundan done on August 26th at chikka tirupati. Now she keeps on touching her head and sometimes tries to locate the clip to pull it off and eat. As if there are no better things to eat in this world.

Here are some pics of the little brattina :)


  1. She really sounds like a badmashu bachha. Thankfully Nishka doesn't open drawers as much. She does rarely.

    Both behnas are such ghummakkars I tell you.

    And they have so much in common...scribbling on the floor, opening drawers, eating erasers...oh god!! Looks like they really are twins and just born to different moms.

  2. Ahh..I am reading about her for the first time...Lot to catch up, she is indeed a little darling..naughty tough

    Aryan and Arjun's Mom

  3. Just adorable. Not fair haan, we need more blog posts on the little one. Happy Diwali to all of you.