30 May 2007

I am Humpty !

When Aryan was about a month old , papa-mummy bought him this roly-poly in Bulandshahr.

At Home, Bangalore, 28th April 2007

A lot of thought put in , Aryan loved hitting at objects,it had a soft sound and red was his favourite colour.He proved them right.He loved the toy like anything and still(at 10 months) loves it.I remember the times when he would hug the toy and sleep without Mumma.

Bulandshahr Home,27th September 2006

I named the toy as 'Humpty' and invented a nursery rhyme.

"Hello Aryan , How are you,
I am Humpty, How do you do ?,
I wanna play with you,
I wanna play with you,
Hit me , Hit me , play with me ,
Kiss me, Kiss me , play with me."

To my own surprise, Aryan loved this poem and would stop crying when ever I sing the same to him , with Humpty ringing in my hand.God knows , if he liked the rhyme , or his name in a rhyme or he imagined humpty singing it to him, but it worked ...ALWAYS !!! Anupam however, always teased me that I torture the baby with my stupid poetry.

At Home,Bangalore,14th November 2006

Another incident related to the toy, While travelling for Bhuwan-Manasi(Jan 6th, 2007) wedding ,I kept it in my hand bag to pacify Aryan on the way and during the wedding chores , without realizing what troubles it can cause during security check.
Oops..they thought its a small bomb/hand grenade I guess.Apart from the trouble and time to convince them , most of my worry was , what if they will keep my son's favourite toy ? Thank God , he realized it was just a toy for the 6 month's old baby.

Now Humpty has lost both his eyes and has a crack in his body (probably the first toy Aryan broke on his own !!!). I do not know how long will it survive.So I thought of preserving our memories with Humpty for Aryan to cherish.

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  1. felt sorry to hear about the toy incident... these airport checks are stupid and i can only imagine how stressed you and bhaiya must have become :-( when such a thing happened with me here in the US, i started to picture myself in orange jumpsuit they make criminals wear in US Jails surrounded by cops and criminals damn!!! boooo hooo hooo !!!!!!!