30 May 2007

Nanmun and His Webpage

As Aryan budded inside , we thought of how would we address him/her.'Baby','Little One', Chiku','Meethu' and what not came to our minds.Finally we settled on 'Nanmun'.
Sweet and Simple and not to forget Unisex name,Literally means Little Baby.(Though Anupam said , it sounds more like a boy name and our girl (if) will fight with us for this.)

Nanmun's Taiji and I decided that we would develop a webpage for Nanmun, where in I would write all my day to day experiences.And she designed the same for us.It was so much fun and excitement, designing the layout , then the content and the ticker.

Here is what it looked like initially..

I did not really lived up to it.I did not keep that updated too often as planned. But something is better than nothing :-)

Here is what it looks now ..

THANKS to everyone , who came in to wish me luck and shower their love to my little one in his guestbook.

Please keep dropping a line for him and I will make sure , he will read that all.

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