29 May 2007

Why This Blog ?

Sagar Apollo Hostpital,22nd July 2006

Our Little Bundle of Joy Came to this World on July , 21st 2006. It seems like yesterday when I got married and now I have a baby who is 10 months old.

Somethings that are troubling me from past few days is , how to preserve his pictutes , videos and activities , so that he can enjoy them as he grows up. Yeah ..we have a digi cam and we can burn CDs and keep. But a thousand pictures in one CD and GOD knows how many CDs..who will have the time to see them all, 10 years down the line.We can once in a blue moon , sit back and see a few CDs..but how about a few special pics and videos at one place and you can see him growing at a glance.

At first I thought of a physical scrap book , taking prints and pasting them , but then I realized that it would need more of time and effort and I am likely to drop that off once I loose the initial enthusiasm.So here I am..an online scrapbook.Well , dont expect any designing stuff here..just a log of photos , videos,events , memories and activities.

By the way ..Aryan already has a website of his own which talks about my experiences during pregnancy and after , so you can check out that space too. I will try to keep both the places up to date.

Let me see if I live up to it ;-)

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  1. Its a good start Mommy! And trust me whatever little you post is precious. Your son will really admire your efforts.