26 February 2008

Aryan Mobile

What does Aryan do when mobile rings ??

If its Papa's mobile , he shouts and runs to hand it over to papa.

It its Mumma's ,he fiddles to switch it on , coz he knows that most probably that would be Nanu and he would have called to talk to Aryan.

What does Aryan do when mobile does not rings ??

He comes to Mumma with her mobile and explains that he wants to talk to Nanu.

And How do you think he talks ??

He walks everywhere with mobile on loud speaker , smiles at whatever Nanu says , sometimes laughs , sometimes talk gibberish and sometimes responds by telling his name , nosy and doing "Hare Rama" and "Aryan Kitna bada".

Note : Now Aryan's chat with Nanu has become a daily routine. Usually Nanu would call else Aryan will.
Aryan's Nanu is demanding Mumma to give away her phone to Aryan :(


  1. HAHAHAHA...this is so hilarious!! Mumma what do you need the mobile anyway? Give it to Aryan. Anyways, no one calls up to talk to you but only to Aryan :P

  2. Came to your blog from Preethi's Incessant Musings. Just read your first post. These kids are so smart in using anything and the pjone probably is their first toy. They can very well understand at the age of 1 whether the phone is a toy phone or a real phone.

  3. *rolling on the ground with laughter*

    Our kids are oh so smart!

  4. So sos cute..please give away the phone to him...
    Aryan's mom

  5. The current look is so cute..The blocks the best..

  6. Just stopped by to say hello to you


  7. wow!! :)

    both nanu and aryan are very lucky!! :D

    am sure aryan doesnt mind sharing the phone with mommy for some time to come!! ;)