8 February 2008

God Bless You!

My friend Aryan has sent me some lovely flowers and blessings. Thank you so much dear. I love flowers like my mom does. Now I pass on this lovely gift to some more friends :

First of All, Anirudh Bhaiya : I love him and his company. And I miss him a lot whenever we are back from Delhi.

Kodi Bhaiya : He is sweet and naughty. I love hearing his talks from my Mom.

Abhay Bhaiya : He is so witty that he leaves me and my mom surprised so many times.

M and N Didi : You thought I would forget my sisters and tag only brothers ??? My creative little sisters waiting to hear from you since long.


  1. I am happy that you liked the flowers...
    Your Friend

  2. Thank you Aryan sweety for the flowers! We liked it so mcuh. We love flowers!!!!Will do the tag as soon as we can :)

    Madhu and Nandhu

  3. God bless you too! Sorry for the repetition, but just wanted to pass on the wishes at