26 February 2008

As You Say BOSS!!

Yesterday evening the entire family in Aryan's household was reading books before bedtime. There were three books , one book of fruits and two books of animals.

All was going great and Aryan was happy with his Bhau Bhau , Lion and Cow in animal books and Appaae (Apple) in the fruits book. When suddenly he saw a Apple in animal book. He pointed and said "Appae". Mumma told that this is not Apple Aryan, its a ladybug. But Aryan insisted its an Apple. Mumma told again its a bug. NOW , Aryan got angry and bites Mumma ..and after Mumma recovered from the shock , he again tries to explain that its and Apple. What a dumb Mumma is , she doesnot understand even now. Now Aryan has to cry and shout with is finger on the Bug..err..Apple.

Finally Mumma distracted him to something else ..but the LADYBUG still remains a APPLE. Why could Mumma not understand that RED and ROUND means APPLE. Why does she argue ?


  1. But of course!! Why do you argue? :P

    Very cute incident though :)

  2. :D
    Love how he makes the association - red and round is an apple!

  3. LOL!!

    Give up, honey ... you cannot win this one! For a long time, the green cement mixer in one of Kutie's books was an apple! Go figure!

  4. Good good to see his Bug apple assosiation. You better give up..Ahhh he bites you!!!!!
    Aryan's mom

  5. haha!! baby's and their associations!! they are just so awesome!! :)

    if kabir bites me, can i bite him back?? anwyaz i find his golu cheeks eminently bitable!!! :p