15 February 2008

Sweet little things

>>When I rush around the house barefoot , Aryan comes running with both my slippers, one in each hand :-) I just get so awed.

>>When the cook leaves the house after he finishes cooking. Aryan comes running , asks me to take him in my lap. Points out at each vessel one by one , from cooker , to pan, to casserole.I am supposed to open the pointed vessel and show him what has been cooked. After seeing the chapatis at the last , I am given a nice toothy smile , as if saying .."ok , inspection complete , food looks good." Thats a different story that he has stopped having any vegetables at dinner time.

>>When he gets a empty washed cooker , he carries it out of the kitchen. Sit in the living room and tries to close it.When the lid goes inside , its such a success smile. He is still struggling to learn to get it out of the cooker though.

>>When he is in my lap while I cook and I place a vessel on gas. He bents down to check if the fire is on or not. If not , I am adviced to lit the fire.

>>When he wants to sit on the swing and Anupam is ready to do the honours , he just refuses. Mumma has to put him to swing and help him in swinging and Mumma gets flying kisses in return.

>>When he wants to do potty , he goes and drags his potty seat to me, what more can I ask for :-) He also manages to move the seat to desired positions , while he is sitting.

>>When he sees his father , getting closer to his mother , he immediately rushes to ascertain his ownership. When on bed , he rolls over in between to ensure enough distance is maintained :D

>>When I am feeding him , I make him sit on high chair and give him some food in a separate bowl , with a spoon. He manages to eat 1-2 bites himself while I continue to feed simultaneously. So at times ,when I am busy feeding him , he feeds me simultaneously with his spoon. I feel so loved :-)

>>When he sees a spoon he just wants to hold it. He wishes to use a spoon for everything, be it bread or chapati. Yesterday I was fed with a full bowl of curd by him :-) Don't ask me how much was on floor though :D


  1. Hahaha...he sounds such a meetha ram...

    I loved the lines "When on bed , he rolls over in between to ensure enough distance is maintained :D"

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  3. Getting flying kiss in return is so so cute...

  4. awwwwwwwww!! :)

    this was the sweetest post!!!

    seriously wonder if they will be as thoughtful and considerate when they grow up??!!

    i sure hope so!


    hugs to aryan! :)