20 January 2010


Every kid has some one in the family who they admire. This person is like a role model for them and they like to grow up to be that person. For Aryan that person is his tauji (father's elder brother).

I knew this forever that Aryan adores and admires his tauji. He doesnot have a buddy kind of relationship with tauji, like he does with his Nanu. He doesnot cuddle or spends time chatting with tauji often, like he does with his dadi. But still he adores him. He cannot say NO to tauji. If tauji say sit , he would and thats not because of fear. He loves everything that tauji do and possess and this ofcourse includes tauji car :-D

Yesterday , Aryan and I were cuddling and talking when I asked him what he did during his day. Here is part of that conversation :

Mumma : "Lunch mein Aryan ne kya kya khaya ? "
Aryan : "Dal , chawal and vegetable." (pause) "Aap vegetable kyo dete ho ? "
Mumma : "Vegetable khate hai , vegetable khane se Aryan big aur strong ho jayega."
Aryan : "Mujhe vegetable nahi khana. "
Mumma : "Kyo "
Aryan : (Naughty smile )" Mujhe vomit aata hai..giggles "(Vomit is new word in vocabulary from recent stomach infection)
Mumma : (smiles )" Naughty boy ..aapko Anirudh bhaiya aur Honey Bhaiya (cousins) jaisa strong and big hona hai na ? "
Aryan : "haan ..main big ho jaoga. Anirudh bhaiya big ho kar tauji car chalayenge ??? "
Mumma : "Haan "
Aryan thinking
Mumma : "Aapko tauji car chalana hai ? "
Aryan : "No..phir tauji gussa honge na"
Mumma :" Nahi , aap big ho jaoge , toh tauji car chala lena , tauji de denge "
Aryan : "Main big ho jaonga , tauji small ho jayenge ?? "
Mumma : (laughs ) "Nahi tauji bhi big , Aryan bhi big "
Aryan : "Main specs lagaonga , tauji jaise "
Mumma :" ok "
Aryan smiles

Below are some rare pics of the moments Aryan shared with his tauji :-)


  1. Tauji would be on 11th heaven on seeing this post :D

    While taiji is feeling envious :(

  2. Dear Aryan Beta

    Thanks for adoring me so much. Yes u can drive Tauji’s car once u grown up and as Mumma said to become big and strong u have to eat all vegetables. All appreciations to Aryan Mumma to write so nicely on behalf of Aryan. Looking forward to meet u all at the time of Holi.

  3. awww! such a sweet post!!

    and lovely photos! :)

    and tauji's comment as well!! very cool! :D



  4. Oh wow! What a rocking family :)
    Lovely post, lovelier pics and comment from Tauji too .. superb :)
    God bless u all :)

  5. awww kids ke logic main bada tuaji chote

    cho cho cho chweet i tell u

  6. Wow that is one lucky Tauji !! I am sure he is every bit deserving of Aryan's affection.
    Hugs to the little bundle

  7. ~nm : dont be envious taiji ..Aryan loves you too !

    Bhaiya : Thanks :-) Your comment makes this post complete!

  8. @Monika : Ya , that was so funny ..why wud tauji become small i wanted to ask him :)

  9. @Neelum : Ofcourse , kids adore only deserving ppl :)